AVT-3350 Video Scaler


AVT-3350 Analog to PC/HD Scaler Scaler is designed to convert standard definition NTSC or PAL format S-Video or Composite Video signals to XGA, SXGA or UXGA resolutions allowing the viewing of standard definition, interlaced television images on a progressive scan PC monitor. The analog video input is also converted to HD resolutions from 480p to 1080p so that viewing is possible on a component type HD monitor. In addition, 3D (frame based) Motion Adaptive YNR/CNR noise reduction, Advanced 3D Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing and Automatic 2:2 or 3:2 Film Mode Detection are all standard features. An On Screen Display (OSD) allows monitoring of the unit's conversion parameters.

AVT-3350 Features and Specs
  • Automatically detects NTSC/PAL Inputs.
  • Either Composite or S-Video (Y/C) Inputs
  • High Res PC outputs: XGA, SXGA, UXGA
  • Component HD resolutions to 1080p
  • Motion Adaptive YNR/CNR Noise Reduction
  • 3D Motion Adaptive de-interlace
  • Automatic 2:2 & 3:2 Film Mode Detection
  • 50/60 Hz Frame Rate Conversion
  • On Screen Display
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Light Weight Less than .20 pound

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AVT-3350 Front AVT-3350 Iso AVT-3350 Rear