Video Scalers (Up-Converters)


Video Scalers convert one video standard and resolutions to another. A common application is to convert standard analog video signals into higher resolution computer signals. Video scaling generally produces a smoother image and may be preferable when feeding larger screen video projection systems. Up-Converters can be used for anything from playing a video game on a computer monitor to watching a DVD movie on a large screen computer resolution projection system. AV Toolbox provides a wide range of products to suit your specific need and budget.

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Product Description
Composite and S-Video to PC up to UXGA Up-Converter
Composite and S-Video to PC up to UXGA and HD up to 1080p Up-Converter
TV One Task Products
Up Converter Scaler - Video to Analog PC/HD
Input: CV, YC, YUV. Output: RGB/YPbPr via HD-15
Cross Converter Scaler - Analog PC/HD to PC/HD
Input: RGBHV Only via HD-15. Output: RGB/YPbPr via HD-15
Cross Converter Scaler - Analog PC/HD to PC/HD
Input/Output: RGB/YPbPr via HD-15
Cross Converter Scaler - Analog/Digital PC/HD/DVI to PC/HD/DVI

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